October 2020


Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (ISIB) is pleased to invite you to the online B2B meetings which will bring together Turkish HVAC-R Companies and partners from Qatar.

The virtual delegation includes 18 leading Turkish Exporter and Manufacturer Companies with a wide range of products within HVAC-R (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) sector.

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MGT Air Filters

• Industrial Air Filters • Hepa Filters • Fine Filters • Bag Filters

Frigo Mekanik Industrial Refrigeration

Frozen Food Production And Storage • Poultry Slaughterhouse • Meat And Meat Products • Fishery Processing And Storage • Dairy Products • Bakery Products • Logistic Warehouses • Fruit & Vegetable Processing And Storage • Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage Systems • Ventilation Systems For Potato & Onion • Banana Ripening Rooms and Green Banana Storage • Climatic Test Chambers


Heat Exchangers • Storage Systems • Domestic Hot Water Production Systems • System Components

Imbat Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

• Rooftop Air Conditioning(Eurovent Certificate) • Tropical Rooftop AC • Close Control Units • Chiller Units (Eurovent Certificate) • Domestic Chiller Units • Air Handling Unit - AC • Cold Storage Units

Ecostar & Ecodense Combustion Systems and Condensing Boilers

• Gas – Heavy-Oil Dual Burners • Gas – Light Oil Dual Burners • Light Oil Burners • Condensing Boiler • Light Oil Pumping Station • Heavy-Oil Heating and Pumping Station • Climatic Test Chambers

Kayıtes Engineering

Smoke Exhaust Fans • Kitchen Fans • Commercial Fans • Industrial Fans • Duct Assembly Parts

Termodizayn Ice Machines and Cooling Systems

• Ice Machines • Blast Freezers • Containerized Solutions • Refrigeration Units • Cold Rooms

Sarbuz Heat Exchangers

Evaporators • Air Cooled Condensers • Water-Glycol Unit Coolers • Dry Coolers • Oem Heat Exchangers

Akkaya Boilers

• Smoke Tube Boilers • Fire Tube Boilers • Steam Generator • Water Tube Boilers • Steam Boilers Auxiliary Equipment • Hot Water Boilers • Superheaters for Steam Boilers **PROMINENT PRODUCTS** • EFE – Feed Mill Plants (Package) • EDE – Dairy Plants (Package) • Containerized Auxiliary Steam Boiler System for the Power Plants • WCVG – Vibrating Grate System

General Filter Havak

Panel Filters • Metallic Filters • Bag Filters • Rigid Bag Filters • Activated Carbon Filters and HEPA Filters • Filter Boxes • Frames • Terminals and Safe Change Filter Housings (BI-BO) • Air Purifier Devices

Ulpatek Air Filters

Air Filters, Equipments and Systems Solutions for Pharmaceutical Factories, Hospitals, Food & Beverage Production Facilities, Commercial Buildings And Power Plants

Üntes Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Air Handling & Ventilation Systems • Fan Coil Systems & Control Accessories • Water Chiller & Heat Pump Systems • Package Air Conditioning Systems


• Cold Store Doors • Evaporator • Chiller Unit • Iced Water Systems • Polyurethane Panels • Package Type Cooling Unit • Industrial Cooling Unit • Central Cooling Unit • Container Type Cold Store


Heat Exchangers • Unit Air Coolers • Air Cooled Condensers • Dry & Wet - Dry Coolers • Power Plant Products • Heat Recovery Units • Horseshoe Heat Pipe For Dehumidificationtubes

Refricomp & Gökçeler

• Liquid Receiver • Oil Seperator


• Ventilation Equipments


• Air Cooled Water Chillers • Water Cooled Water Chillers

KLS Air Conditioning Systems

• Air Handling Units • Hygienic Package Air Handling Units • Pool Dehumidification Units • Fan-Coil Units • Rooftop Package Units • Unit Heaters • Heat Recovery Fresh Air Units • Heat Pump Heat Recovery Units