AUGUST 24-27, 2021


Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (ISIB) is pleased to invite you to the online B2B meetings which will bring together Turkish HVAC-R Companies and Argentinian Partners.

The virtual delegation includes 14 leading Turkish Exporter and Manufacturer Companies with a wide range of products within HVAC-R (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) sector.

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This business round is supported by the commercial office of the Turkish Embassy.

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AFS Ventilation Systems

Flexible Air Duct • Industrial Hose & Air Duct • Acoustic Air Duct • Montage Elements • Ventilation Equipments


Panel Radiator • Condensing Combi Boiler • Condensing Boiler • Circulation Pump • Submersible Pump & Motor

Ecostar Combustion Systems

Gas – Heavy-Oil Dual Burners • Gas – Light Oil Dual Burners • Light Oil Burners • Condensing Boiler • Light Oil Pumping Station • Heavy-Oil Heating and Pumping Station

Frigo Block

Industrial Refrigeration Systems • Central Refrigeration Systems • Split Refrigeration Systems • Monoblock Refrigeration Systems • CO2 Subcritical and Transcritical Refrigeration Systems • Chiller Units • Blast Freezers • Cold Room Air Coolers • Frozen Room Evaporators • Ammonia Evaporators • Glycol(Brine) Air Coolers • CO2 Evaporators • Dry Coolers • Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Condensers • Heat Exchangers • Ultrasonic Humidifiers • Ethylene Absorber Units

Friterm Thermal Devices

Heat Exchangers • Unit Air Coolers • Air Cooled Condensers • Dry & Wet - Dry Coolers • Power Plant Products • Heat Recovery Units • Horseshoe Heat Pipe For Dehumidificationtubes

Kayıtes Fans & Ventilation Equipments

Smoke Exhaust Fans • Kitchen Fans • Commercial Fans • Industrial Fans • Duct Assembly Parts

Niba Cooling Towers

Water Cooling Towers

Ulpatek Air Filters

Industrial Air Filters (HEPA Filter, Coarse, Medium, Fine, EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters) System equipment’s (Laminar Flow Units, Bag in Bag Out Systems, Fan Filter Units etc.) for pharmaceutical industry and hygienic applications.

Üntes Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Air Handling & Ventilation Systems • Fan Coil Systems & Control Accessories • Package Air Conditioning Systems • Air cooled chillers &Water cooled chillers

Venco Ventilation

Smoke Exhaust and Axial Fans • Jet Fan Systems • Explosion Proof (Ex-Proof) Fans • Duct, Roof and Kitchen Type Fans • Heat Recovery Units • Duct and AHU Type Electrical Heaters • Silencers and Fan Accessories

Ulpadust Dust Collection Systems

UDC Dust Collection Systems • UVDC Vacuum Dust Collection Systems • Oil Mist Filtration Systems • Gas Scrubbers • Thermal Oxidizer Systems • Textile Filtration Systems • Wet Scrubbers • Ducts / Vacuum Suction Pipes Accessories

Demirdöküm Heating Systems

Wall Hung Boilers • Radiators • Air Conditioners • Water Heaters • Central Systems • VRF Systems • Heat Pumps

MGT Air Filters

Industrial Air Filters • Hepa Filters • Fine Filters • Bag Filters

Karyer Heat Exchangers

OEM Heat Exchangers • Unit Coolers • Commercial Evaporators • Commercial Condensers & Karbox • Industrial Condensers • CO2 Evaporators & Gas Coolers • Dry Coolers • Oil Coolers • Heat Recovery Heat Exchangers